Apr 2, 2009

Peepers, Toads, and a Red Fox

It was 60 degrees today and beautifully sunny. The past twenty-four hours have been full of springtime fun. Last night, I could hear spring peepers loud enough to penetrate the closed doors and windows of my house. Around ten in the evening, three sharp barks were heard outside of the house. From past experience, these were the calls of a red fox. He must have been a few yards from the porch, because I could hear him from inside the house.

Tonight, the spring peepers were louder than ever when I got out of the car. A new sound joined them. The trill of toads. The toads weren't present in any great numbers, but they were there. Charly and I listened to the spring peepers and toads with the door open for a few minutes, then closed it and continued to hear the spring peepers.

Rain is coming tonight and thunderstorms tomorrow. I can't wait.

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