May 20, 2010

Peeper on the Porch

Rarely can I find a spring peeper when they are peeping.  They're small.  They're camouflaged.  It's dark out.  This is one that didn't get away.  Last year I heard a peeper in the bush directly off my porch.  I looked diligently and I never did find him.  It came back to taunt me this year.  It made a mistake this time.  It moved.  From there I was able to track it to the yucca plant and photograph and video it.  The pictures turned out very well.  The video is a bit shaky, but the sound and movement of his sides and throat pouch as the peeper peeps is great!

Spring peeper video

Spring peeper photos

Fishing Canoe Creek

Canoe Creek borders the Red House property. It is stocked in the spring. The trout are not fished out as in so many other places. Having an opportunity to walk out of your door and catch a trout in your yard is one of the charms of living here. I often take an hour in the evening to hit the creek and walk up or downstream fishing. Most of the time I catch a rainbow trout. This last time I caugth four rainbows and a native brook trout. While I usually catch and release, the trout pictured here swallowed the hook and I had to take him home. I missed another trout of the same size after catching this one.