May 20, 2010

Peeper on the Porch

Rarely can I find a spring peeper when they are peeping.  They're small.  They're camouflaged.  It's dark out.  This is one that didn't get away.  Last year I heard a peeper in the bush directly off my porch.  I looked diligently and I never did find him.  It came back to taunt me this year.  It made a mistake this time.  It moved.  From there I was able to track it to the yucca plant and photograph and video it.  The pictures turned out very well.  The video is a bit shaky, but the sound and movement of his sides and throat pouch as the peeper peeps is great!

Spring peeper video

Spring peeper photos

1 comment:

Suzie said...

Is that the peeper that is courting you?