Aug 12, 2009

Thoughts on Tomatoes

I planted a garden this year and I am having more success than last year, but not great success. The key to my progress this year is a fence. The deer haven't eaten my tomatoes. But, I still have a ways to go. My tomatoes grew fine, and I now have red ripe cherry tomatoes and some good canning tomatoes. But now my tomato plants' leaves are turning brown and shriveling up. It starts from the lowest leaves and is working its way up. Maybe the roots are too warm. I'm going to shake off the mulch and pull up the plastic under the mulch tomorrow. Then there are the zucchini plants. I have small zucchinis developing, but the first ones produced were eaten on the vine. Not the entire zucchini, just chunks taken out of it. Then there are (were) the beans and peppers. I planted them. The beans never came up and the peppers were eaten by an insect that I couldn't find to identify.

Thank God for the grocery store.

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Suzie said...

It wasn't hot or dry enough for a good tomato crop. You might need more sun also.