Apr 6, 2008

Spring Peepers & Wood Frogs

The onslaught of warm weather and rains has pushed us into spring. I have added a great blue heron to my yard list, as well as a belted kingfisher, and Canada geese. I have heard a kinglet, but I don't remember if it is a ruby- or golden-crowned kinglet. The most exciting sound in the evening is the frog calls. Wood frogs call their duck like "chucks" while the peepers scream out their peep calls from the yard not more than 30 feet from the house. The attached video is nothing but sound, so don't hope for a picture. It's dark at night and I don't want to silence the chorus with light!

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tidhouse said...

Charlie and I went up to Akely Swamp north of Warren today and I walked along the old RR grade into the swamp. I was surrounded by the almost deafening peeper chorus, and like you have, the occasional Wood Frog. I tried for 20 minutes to find one of the little peeps, but had no luck. They are too well hidden.
Lee Ann